Space Heater Safety Tips

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter!

Now that winter has arrived many of us will be spending more time indoors. The winter months are a great time to curl up with a good book or catch up on your favorite TV shows. If you have a drafty room or chilly area in your house that you need to heat for a brief time a properly used portable electricelectricHeater.png space heater can be a great alternative to turning up the thermostat to heat the whole house. While they can provide welcome warmth in these chilly spots, they can also pose safety risks if not used correctly. With a few simple safety tips and precautions, you can prevent most heating fires and accidents. Continue reading “Space Heater Safety Tips”

Home Smoke Detector Safety Guide

Your smoke detector is the most essential safety fixture in your home. In the US every year there are approximately 350,000 home fires which result in over 2,500 deaths. Of these more than half of deaths occur during fires in which no working smoke alarm is present!

Early detection of fires is critical to saving lives and smoke alarms are an essential component in alerting a family to a home fire. Smoke and toxic fumes migrate faster than flames which account for the fact that most deaths are the result of inhalation of these toxic substances.

Almost all homes in the US have smoke alarms. Surprisingly, 20% Continue reading “Home Smoke Detector Safety Guide”