Understanding Circuit Breaker vs. Fuses  

Electricity is the main source of power in our homes but must be properly regulated for safety.  Overloads of electrical power can result in damage to wires, appliances, machinery, etc., which may result in a fire. But, fortunately circuit breakers are electrical-panelson the job. The idea of a circuit breaker or fuse is to disconnect your home’s internal circuit from the power main when excessive voltage tries to pass through. The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your home and its electrical components from an electrical surge.  Breakers provide short-circuit protection as well as overloading of circuit wires which could result Continue reading “Understanding Circuit Breaker vs. Fuses  “

Does Your Home Have Knob & Tube Wiring?

One of the charms of living in New England is the large number of beautiful older homes here. When renovating or updating these homes however there are a number of age related issues you may run into. One of these is an old type of electrical wiring known as Knob and Tube wiring. With 35 years of experience working in these lovely older homes, Gibbons Electric has extensive knowledge of determining if your home has live Knob and Tube wiring and how best to Continue reading “Does Your Home Have Knob & Tube Wiring?”